9 Incredible Places in Rajasthan to Enjoy Nature, Wildlife & Desert Landscape

Nature Getaways

  1. Mount Abu

Nestled amidst lush green hills on the highest peak of the Aravalli Range, Mount Abu serves as a popular destination to escape the sweltering climate of Rajasthan. The state’s only hill station, Mount Abu is a scenic wonder that allures you with its vast forests, beautiful waterfalls and tranquil lakes. While here, hike up the Guru Shikhar peak for panoramic vistas of the town and the plains below. Head to Sunset Point for mesmerizing views, enjoy boating at Nakki Lake and indulge in thrilling activities like rappelling and rock climbing!

  1. Udaipur 

Popularly known as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is a dreamy location set amidst glistening lakes and the majestic Aravalli Hills. Amongst its many famous lakes, Lake Pichola is a must-visit for its enchanting waters with the magical Lake Palace in the centre.

Add to that the crystal-clear Fateh Sagar Lake and Jaisamand Lake, Asia’s second-largest artificial lake. And you’re in for an absolute treat! For the best experience, indulge in sunset boat rides and enjoy stunning panoramas in the most peaceful setting. This city of lakes and palaces can also be explored on a bicycle tour or a helicopter ride, offering aerial views of its charming landscapes.

  1. Jawai

A must-visit for nature lovers, the quaint village of Jawai offers a uniquely spellbinding experience of untouched natural beauty. Set amidst ancient granite rock formations with the Jawai River in the centre, this impressive landscape is home to exotic animals including leopards, and migratory birds. Head to the Jawai Dam for leopard sightings, panoramic village views and the best sunrise and sunset vistas. For adventure lovers, the granite hills will make a great trekking experience in the solitude of nature!

Wildlife Hotspots

  1. Ranthambore

Offering an exhilarating opportunity to watch the majestic tiger in its natural habitat, the Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and most famous national parks in India!

Besides its large tiger population, the vast landscape of deciduous forests, meadows, lakes and heritage sites, such as the Ranthambore Fort, is home to an unbelievable variety of fauna, including the sloth bear, leopard, Indian wolf, sambhar deer, nilgai, etc. Exploring this dramatic park in an open jeep or canter safari is guaranteed to be an amazing experience for wildlife lovers!

  1. Bharatpur

Home to one of the world’s best-known bird sanctuaries, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur attracts avid bird watchers and ornithologists every winter when thousands of migratory waterfowl birds flock here. Named after the ancient temple – Keoladeo, located within its premises, this national park boasts of more than 370 recorded species of indigenous and migratory birds including ducks, geese, flycatchers, waders, raptors and more. Grab your chance to spot the green sandpiper amidst the wetlands of this World Heritage Site!

  1. Sariska

Spread over an area of 800 sq kilometres, the Sariska Tiger Reserve is well known for its diverse species and varied landscapes, ranging from grasslands and deciduous forests to mountains and cliffs. This national park is home to tigers, jungle cats, sambhars, wild boars, hyenas, jackals and several bird species, notably the peafowls, grey partridges and golden-backed woodpeckers. Owing to its proximity to both Jaipur and Delhi, Sariska makes for a great weekend getaway for wildlife enthusiasts and can be easily explored on a jeep or canter safari.

Desert Jewels

  1. Jaisalmer

Set in the heart of the massive Thar Desert, Jaisalmer offers the best experience of Rajasthan’s rich desert culture. This “Golden City” boasts of the two most prominent dune sites of the Thar, the Sam and Khuri Sand Dunes. Sam Sand Dunes are sure to astound you with their 30-60 metre tall dunes in 3 to 5 km of a pure desert area with scant vegetation. Additionally, exciting adventure activities like camel safari, jeep safari, etc await you here.

The Khuri Sand Dunes are less touristy, offering small desert homestays and leisurely walks on the pristine dunes in a remote area of the Thar. Jaisalmer also plays host to the lively Desert Festival amidst its breathtaking dunes in February every year.

  1. Bikaner

Famous for its distinctive dunes spread across the region, Bikaner makes for a desert destination located entirely in the Thar. This medieval city retains its ancient richness while offering exotic desert experiences amidst its golden dunes. Nicknamed ‘the camel country,’ Bikaner is said to have some of the world’s best camels and is home to one of the largest camel farms.

While here, indulge in desert safari and camping at the Raisar Dunes, enjoy stunning sunsets and memorable walks on the dunes of Katariasar Village or plan and attend the vibrant Bikaner Camel Festival held in January every year.

  1. Jodhpur

Located on the perimeter of the Great Indian Desert, Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s second-largest city and gateway to the Thar. The Jodhpur desert experience is a must for its peaceful and authentic adventures, away from the crowded touristy dunes of other places of Rajasthan. Head to its most prominent desert marvel, the Osian Desert, for exciting desert safaris, camping experiences and starry nights in the most remote settings. This desert town is also famous for its two temples, Osian Mata Temple and Jain Temple, and is rightfully known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan.
What’s more? Head to the historic Mehrangarh Fort and try ziplining, explore the famous ‘Blue City’, admire the Jaswant Thada, visit the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, marvel at the Umaid Bhawan Palace & more.

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